For the first time, police officers to attend ‘all at home burglaries’ UK news

All the country’s police chiefs have vowed to attend “all home burglaries” for the first time.

The chairman of the National Police Chiefs’ Council said the pledge was aimed at building public confidence in officers and was signed by all 43 chief constables in England and Wales.

The measure will ensure that authorities always visit victims of burglaries, regardless of the location and the items stolen.

“Some police chiefs are struggling to attend to all the burglaries with limited resources and balancing an increase in complex and highly damaging crimes,” NPCC chairman Martin Hewitt wrote in the Daily Mail.

“But burglary is aggressive and deeply traumatic.

“We want to give people peace of mind that if you experience that invasion, the police will come, find all possible evidence and make every effort to catch those responsible.”

It comes a day after figures emerged showing that forces have recorded 1.76 million burglaries since 2017 and only 5% of them led to convictions or court summons, according to the newspaper.

Over the past five years, an average of 774 burglaries went unsolved every day in England and Wales, it said.

Martin Hewitt, Chair of the National Police Chiefs Council during a press conference on the coronavirus (Covid-19) at Downing Street in London.  Film date: Thursday January 21, 2021.
NPCC Chairman, Martin Hewitt

‘We can never turn around for every crime’

The proportion of reported burglaries attended by an officer has recently fallen to 50% in the Metropolitan Police, which Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said last week was unacceptable.

“We’re never going to turn around every single crime, and people understand that, but something as serious as a robbery requires a proper policing response,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“It’s too serious an intrusion for someone not to come.”

The NPCC has urged newly appointed Home Secretary Suella Braverman to help police chiefs focus more resources on tackling crime, with a National Audit report in 2018 that 64% of emergency calls were not related to criminal offences.

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Trust in the police will be damaged

‘We want more focus on policing – and so do politicians’

According to Home Office figures, just 5.6% of offenses in England and Wales – one in 18 – were charged and/or summoned in 2021/22, down from 7.1% or one in 14 in 2020/21. July

“We want the government to seriously consider a vast expansion of the policing mission. We want to focus more on solving crime. That’s what the public wants and that’s what the politicians want,” added Mr Hewitt.

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In his essay, he also called for a review of crime recording processes, saying the current system distracts officers from neighborhood policing and causes “misleading” statistics.

“Currently, for the purposes of crime recording, burglarizing one’s family home counts as losing a shovel from a shed. There has to be a better way,” he wrote.

Finally, Mr Hewitt said the police and government must work together to agree a consistent standard of core police services, with “evidence and public preferences” in decision-making.

For the first time, police officers to attend ‘all at home burglaries’ UK news

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For the first time, police officers to attend ‘all at home burglaries’ UK news

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For the first time, police officers to attend ‘all at home burglaries’ UK news

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