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How to Get Light Dragon Scales Tears of the Kingdom? Light Dragon Locations and Paths

How to Get Light Dragon Scales Tears Of The Kingdom?

High above, while performing aerial patrols in the expansive skies of Hyrule you will come across the majestic Light Dragon. To locate this wondrous creature, make your way to the nearest Skyview Tower and ascend into the heavens. Engage in a complete 360-degree scan of your surroundings to spot the Light Dragon and gracefully glide towards its awe-inspiring presence. In the event that you are unable to locate it initially, try venturing to a tower situated in a different area of the map and repeat your search.

It is essential to approach the dragon closely, as its immense size generates powerful air currents capable of carrying you aloft and onto its magnificent back. It is advisable to postpone your pursuit of Light Dragon materials until a later stage in the game. This is because not only will the main storyline guide you towards the Light Dragon naturally, but the resources obtained from it, such as the Light Dragon Scales, are not essential until you have gained more experience in your adventures.

Additionally, having a higher stamina level will facilitate your journey to the dragon’s location, as will the use of gliding armor and Tulin’s Vow enchantments. Once you have successfully reached the dragon’s back, approach one of its protruding turquoise scales and strike it with a melee weapon. As a result, a single Light Dragon Scale will be dislodged, allowing you to collect it and continue on your quest.

Tears Of The Kingdom Light Dragon Path

There are various methods to discover the elusive Light Dragon. If you have been engrossed in the main storyline, you can unveil the location of the Master Sword by locating all 12 Dragon Tear memory spots. Although this approach requires considerable effort, there are fortunately alternative ways that are less time-consuming.

One such method involves traversing the enigmatic Lost Woods until you reach the enchanting Korok Forest. Once there, your objective is to assist the Deku Tree by vanquishing the formidable Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon. Upon emerging triumphant, engage in a conversation with the Deku Tree, and you will be granted access to the primary quest titled “Recovering the Hero’s Sword.”

This quest is specifically designed to procure the Master Sword, and the Deku Tree graciously marks the whereabouts of the Light Dragon on your map. As long as you select the quest in your Adventure Log, you will have the invaluable advantage of knowing the dragon’s location at all times. It is important to note that once you have obtained the Master Sword and completed the quest, the marker indicating the Light Dragon’s position will dissipate.

Therefore, if you wish to easily locate the Light Dragon for material gathering purposes it might be prudent to delay obtaining Link’s emblematic weapon. Alternatively, you can simply stumble upon the dragon while exploring the vast expanse of the map. The Light Dragon follows a circular route around Hyrule, and you do not necessarily require the associated quest to encounter it.


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